Activist-cum politician, Boniface Mwangi,` is a man living in fear, after allegedly receiving death threats from unknown people.

In a long post on his social media pages, Boniface said that his family (wife and children) have also been threatened with death.

He says that unnamed persons have told him that he has to die for his refusal to being “bought”.

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“I am anguished because the threats are now taking a more dangerous tone. For the first time since I began engaging in activism, my wife and children have been included as targets. The source of the threats claims that because I have refused to be bought and won’t compromise, I have put my family in danger,” he wrote.

He added that since he became serious in activism, his life had changed significantly, making it hard for him to lead a normal life.

The Starehe parliamentary aspirant said:

“I can’t be out alone late at night… When working late or hanging out with friends, I must ensure I am with trusted company. I cannot speak freely on my phone. I have had to adjust my life drastically as I cannot afford to take these threats lightly.”

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He says that in 2014, he received credible death threats that led him to write to President Uhuru Kenyatta. Upon delivery of the letter, he wrote, the threats disappeared.

For over a month now, the vocal activist has been in the US, not just to promote his recently-released book, but also to hide out from the people baying for his blood.

“We were meant to travel back last week, but then I received a frightening warning message: “DO NOT COME HOME: THEY WILL KILL YOU.” To prove the message’s authenticity, my source shared specific details of how they intend to hurt me and my family. It has broken my heart to see my wife cry, almost everyday. In her tears she keeps saying, ‘You fight for Kenyans everyday, but who will fight for me and for our children?'”

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