Kiss FM Phelix Odiwuor is popularly known as Jalang’o recently joined Kiss FM breakfast show after he was fired by Milele FM.

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Jalang’o started his career at Kiss 100 and speaking in an exclusive interview with about rejoining the Radio Africa owned station, he said,

Coming back makes me feel like coming back home to where I belong like a prodigal son… I didn’t leave in bad blood. I had several radio stations offering me jobs but I was like let me go back to kiss.

Well, during the Thursday morning interview on Mpasho Live, Jalang’o pampered his wife Amina Chao with love and he revealed that she bought him a convertible Mercedes Benz SLK- 200 Class SUV worth around Sh5 million, which he was driving on Thursday morning.

‘This is a Mercedes Benz SLK 200 class and top speed at 260km/hr, it’s a two-seater car. My wife bought it for me during my last year’s birthday,’ he said.

This is similar to Jalango’s posh grey ride

The price range for the Mercedes SLK-Class varies based on the trim level you choose. Starting at $87,200 and going to $162,400 for the latest year the model was manufactured.

Mercedes Benz

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Jalang’o has been driving a Toyota V8 of late and he said he gifted himself after he was fired from Milele FM.

I bought V8 after I was sacked from Milele to make myself happy.

The comedian-cum-radio presenter is a car enthusiast while speaking about how many cars he owns, he said,

I have two cars that I love. The Range Rover discovery and the Mercedes Benz SLK- 200 Class. I have a V8 and other cars. I’m not a person of bragging about the exact number. I just thank God for being blessed.

Jalang’o who worked as a fishmonger, mjengo guy and did menial jobs before his breakthrough said the one thing he has learnt from his life journey is,

Poverty is a very bad thing.

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