A leaked conversation between a married man and his side dish has gone viral.

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In the screenshots, a married man is discussing his sexcapades with his partner, who is gay and confesses to nearly being caught by his wife.

Was bleeding a lot. I was in a lot of pain. My wife almost caught me.

The married man goes ahead to tell his partner that he can’t do it anymore and asks him to be the woman.

He added,

Feeling a lot better. The cream you recommended worked and vitamin C stopped the bleeding.

I miss you though. But I won’t be doing anal for a while. Let’ stick to me being the man and you being the woman till I heal.

Check out the conversation

Gay conversation Gay conversation

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Many are shocked with the two and reactions include;

Martha Wabwile Repent manze those people who do such sin, the blood of Jesus continually cleansing us from every sin🙏

Eunice Apondo Men are trash!

Jackie Mwaniki I know it’s not funny but I wouldn’t mind a rich gay husband. That nigga will be there for society pekee not to be judged and hatashindania na mimi as I enjoy my life. Mnaishi kama mabro maze.

Esther Waithera May thunder fire you two! Even the Bible condemns this.

Carol Mueni Weuh!! End times I say

Jackie Njeruh Gay????? Jesus Christ

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