Relationships are not as hard as some people think. It is what we make it. If you choose happiness you will forever be happy but if you like complaining and whining, you will always be unhappy and blame other people.

Hata Siwezi ‘Kula Mali Yangu’! Angry Kenyan Man Describes How His Wife’s Sisters And Cousins Have Camped In His House

Well, a Kenyan woman by the name Natasha is among the few women whose marriage is nothing short of an embarrassment. She is an unhappy woman. She cannot even control her own husband. He has gotten out of hand.

Natasha recently wrote to EVE Magazine complaining about her husband, referring to him as unhygienic.


Apparently, her husband is uncircumcised and only bathes once a week. To make the situation worse, he has body odor which she and her family members can’t stand.

Read through Natasha’s letter below;


‘I have been married for about 10 years but there are many things that traumatize me in my marriage.

My husband only showers once a week and always has smelly feet and of course has body odor. Even family and friends know this, and that is embarrassing.

Then, he is not circumcised, and that is another problem for me. I have heard that the residue from the foreskin can cause cervical cancer is that true?

As a result of all these, I have lost interest in sex with him but I still have needs. Whenever I bring up these issues, he gets angry and accuses me of comparing him with other men. He hates criticism and thinks he knows more than everyone else. Please advise me


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