suicide rope

“We’ll meet in heaven …let me go …I feel worthless…left my bicycle with a friend… give the rabbits back to their owner. … my time has come.”

These were some of the words written by a 17-year-old student in Ol Kalou was buried on Friday after he hanged himself in a well.

The youth used the rope his family used to draw water from the well to commit suicide on Sunday. He tied it to a wooden post fixed across the well.

Speaking on Thursday evening, his mother said he had been sent home from school due to indiscipline. He had been home for a week after he allegedly refused to take revision papers to prepare for the exams.

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He wrote a long suicide note on October 3, a week before his death, and a note to a girl who had rejected him, saying “We will meet in heaven.” . She is in counselling.

His last sentence was in Kiswahili “…kufa in lazima, kwa hivyo wacheni niende. (…death is certain, let me go.”

Apparently, his death was meticulously planned and he was thinking about it and making preparations as early as August.

“…kufa ni lazima, kwa hivyo wacheni niende. (…death is certain, let me go.”
from suicide note of 17-year-old.

He ‘jokingly’ told a neighbour that he would die before her. He told her not to cry hard or his spirit would return to haunt her.

His mother said he did not want to do the end of term exam. He was reluctant to go back to school, though the administration sent for hm.

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She said she was working on the farm on Monday evening when she discovered his body handing inside the well.

“I noticed the rope was inside the well and thought the children had left the jerrican we use to draw water in the well. I opened the cover but when I held the rope it felt heavy. I peeped down only to discover it was him,” she said.

On Sunday, the mother said, she told her son she would accompany him to school the next day as the school administration wanted him to sit for the end of term test. He did not answer her but he took his uniform and washed it before leaving home.

He did not return and she thought he spent the night at his friend’s place. On Monday morning, she left to attend to some issues and returned home in the evening only to find he had not returned, she said.

She then went to the farm and was weeding near the well when she discovered the rope was in the well though the cover was in place.

The family was shocked, she said, because her son was “always calm, obedient and did not like an argument”.

His brother was baffled.”I don’t understand why` he did it,” he said.

The school principal said his case was perplexing and attributed it to bad spirits. The girl who allegedly turned Kuria down is being counselled.

The motive for the death was not clear.

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Some cited rejection by the girl. Others said he was not on good terms with one of the female teachers due to his unwillingness to study.

In his suicide note, the youth said he felt worthless “and boring people who regarded him as useless”.

He wrote that he forgave those who offended him and sought forgiveness from those he had offended.

To everyone who would be hurt that he took his life, the teenager said he was sorry but said his time had come and prayed God would give them the strength to bear with his death.

The note said a bicycle and two amplifiers were with some friends. He wanted them returned before his burial.

He said some rabbits, which didn’t belong to him, should be returned to their owners.

He also wrote a phone number indicating it belonged to his last love and prayed for his brother’s and sisters’ lives to improve. He also apologised to his best friend.

The area chief said the youth had been exhibiting “queer behaviour.” During a counselling session, he reportedly said he felt he was in the wrong because he was neither obedient at home nor at school.

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