paul Manyasi, who dropped off from a KQ flight before it landed in London on June 30

The father of the alleged stowaway victim Paul Manyasi has now come out to deny claims the man is his son, adding that his son is alive.

Paul was Isaac’s eldest son and he and his wife Janet had not heard from him since the beginning of July.

Speaking to KTN News on Wednesday, Isaac denied that Paul was his son.

“‘He is not my son,I told them the photo they showed me is not of my son, My son left home in 2016 for Nairobi,’ Isaac said.

paul Manyasi, who dropped off from a KQ flight before it landed in London on June 30

Isaac who hails from Kakamega said since July 2017 he has not spoken to his son adding that Sky news interviewed him on the same.

“I am surprised, I will tell the police because my son is alive…niliambiwa na kijana mmoja ati kijana wangu ako industrial area police remand,” he said.

Paul Manyasi
The late Paul Manyasi

He added that his son was not called Paul Manyasi but Cedrick Shivanji.

“I am even planning to leave this Friday for Nairobi,” he said.

From the Sky News video, Isaac identified that the bag, the sports shoes, a pair of red underwear belonged to Paul.

Isaac Manyasi had told Sky News in an exclusive investigative segment, that they had not heard from his son Paul for the longest time.

According to the UK-based media, the man whose frozen body dropped off from a landing KQ plane into a garden in an affluent Southern London suburb on June 30 this year, was identified and his parents traced.

‘I lost someone I loved so much,’ lover to stowaway Paul Manyasi speaks

With a ground-shaking thud, the body fell when the plane released its wheels for landing at Heathrow, almost hitting a man lying on a sun lounge and reading a book.

He fell about 3,500 feet and his body left a crater.

The Kenya Airports Authority KAA dismissed claims that the stowaway who fell in a London garden was a cleaner at the JKIA.

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