Zari mourns Ginimbi

Zari Hassan has come to the defence of her son after he came out as gay yesterday on his Instagram Live.

In a video he shared on Instagram of how his whole life he has been made to know that women are for men but as for him he likes men.

He stated on an Instagram video,” I’m just letting you guys know here first that like hold the brakes  I don’t know why my whole 13 years on this earth I was taught that females are the only way for gents and you know for me personally I don’t see it that way  and me personally I like boys, men you know what I’m saying and that’s how it is.”

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“I’m serious. I’m gay hundred percent gay and not you know bi or anything and I don’t know why you guys  are laughing at this its not funny.”

He gave people a chance to ask questions about his announcement.

Zari cleared the air by stating her son made this move in order to prevent women from sending  him dirty photos of their privates.

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It is also weird to note that both Zari and Diamond don’t follow each other after their very elaborate show of co-parenting a few months back.

Gossip pundits are wondering if this big reveal led to a fight of sorts.

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