A 21-year-old guy is traumatised after her brother-in-law fingered him.

He says her sister’s husband fingered him when they were in a car going back home from a night out.

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He wrote,

I went out with my sister’s husband and he kept trying to get me drunk. At around 4 am on our way back home we both sat at the back of the car and I was too drunk. The next thing I noticed was him trying to remove my belt and before I questioned him, I felt his finger in my bum and he was licking my ear. I woke up and screamed and pushed him away.

I’m traumatised by the experience and I want to tell my sister what he did but she loves him so much. I also want to tell my parents but my brother-in-law is a manipulator. How can I expose him?

Check out reactions from online users

sugarboyoreo Speechless. Wicked men everywhere

prettysaints Tell everyone immediately… The longer you wait, the greater the doubt.

simil0la I feel violated on your behalf 😫

trina_joness So sorry that you were molested by someone you trust

princess_okili Wait❗ Play along gather enough evidence before you tell your sister.

kellysmenfashion Tell your sis. She needs to know who the bastard really is.

bluntlymean Get a video record or voice record and send to your sister.

ade_rich Call a family meeting

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