Woman crying

A married woman has exposed her sister for sleeping with her husband.

According to the woman, she found out about their affair through WhatsApp and she’s yet to confront any of them.

My husband sends my sister money and neither him nor my sister tells me. I found out about their affair through his Whatsapp and I’m devastated. I don’t want to lose my husband and I don’t want to be single at my age. please advise me.

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ijjoy Confront them and send your sister packing immediately but how do you stay with a man who slept with your sister right under your nose? Aunty don’t get it twisted, There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a single mother because you can’t keep living with a man who will disrespect you like this.

o.maro Don’t blame women if they wouldn’t allow you (as a sister) stay in their house … the heart of man is desperately wicked

caballero Just keep calm, you’ll see more. When you do, ensure you save evidence

mukoso.chu Your sister is most likely having an affair and your first thought is about being a single mom!!!! my dear, you are not safe in that house o, confront your husband and then chase your sister away first of all then let’s talk again about your husband.

ayobakrry Did you say you don’t want to lose your husband???? Because you already did. I don’t know how you will be able to act normal with him after this

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