Cheating baby mama

A social media user has written to a relationship expert exposing her sister for cheating on her husband.

The disgruntled lady says she’s planning to tell her brother-in-law about his unfaithful wife.

‘My sister is cheating on her husband and I can’t take it anymore. Her husband is handsome, prayerful, and a great man. He provides for her but she still cheats with different men. She recently had anal sex with another man, which left her disfigured and had to wear diapers for weeks but lied to her hubby she had an infection. She avoids having sex with him because she’s treating an STI. I feel sad for my brother-in-law and want to tell him everything his wife has been doing,’ she wrote.

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The post ignited mixed reactions and below is what people had to say;

b_zainabb Just say you’re interested in your sister’s husband 😒

wanjaripj instead of you to advise your sister you want to take her husband. Better mind your business.

sansabankz Please leave her. Karma awaits her but just leave her alone.

mrolawoyin Babe, as much as you feel for the man, it’s not in your place to date or marry him. Also, report to your mother and not her husband.

toyosii_ Sister from hell! But why do some married folks do all these stupid things!!!

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regina559 So you want us to encourage you on how to date your sister’s husband?? You are no different from your sister then.

kemifit Good purpose, but bad intentions. There’s no difference between the two of you since you’ve had your eyes on your own sister’s husband for a while. How do you want to marry your sister’s ex if he leaves her? I can’t say you’re doing something entirely good since you want to gain something at the end. You can tell him to save his life and remove him from the dark but this your own intention is 0.