Rich kid Anerlisa Muigai revealed that her sister, Tecra ignores her, like a stranger would, when they are out together in public.

The reason for this, Anerlisa says is because her sister is averse to the limelight that Anerlisa enjoys.

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Anerlisa Muigai
The Karanjas family

This extends to what Anerlisa posts about her on social media. She never posts Tecra’s photos even when she posts family portraits.

She shared the sister pact they have about their public engagements.

In an Instagram post, Anerlisa revealed that sometimes her sister disowned her when she meets adoring fans.

“My sister is so cold towards me. When we walk together then she sees a lot of people, she always leaves me like somebody she doesn’t know. (That is always embarrassing to me btw),” Anerlisa said.

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“She also introduces me as her friend lol, the worst is when she denies me. She just hates the spotlight and that is why I don’t post her on my page even if it’s a family photo.”

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