An actor and comedian known as Victor Msafi has narrated how he once jumped the fence at State House seeking to have an audience with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In an interview with Victor said,

“Back in February 2018, on a Saturday morning. I can’t remember the gate name but I followed the road passing just near Serena hotel heading to the ministry of defense. I sneaked into State House to seek an audience with President Uhuru Kenyatta.”

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Victor said that the reason for risking his life and breaking the law was because he was in dire straits and he needed the commander in chief to hear him out.

“I was so depressed unable to pay my bills I wanted Uhuru to give me a job at his media house.”

He added, “I also wanted to apologize to the President immediately after election since luos were now his enemy during that time. I knew we would suffer more. He is always humble and I  hoped he would have accepted my apology.”

However his well laid plans were never to be. He was arrested and detained for two hours being interrogated.

“I was nabbed by soldiers and interrogated for two hours. They were on call with other security personnel where they were submitting my details to.”

He continued, “No, I was not charged I think they saw me as a young harmless man, and my explanation on why I dared to sneak into the highly protected building seemed to placate them.”

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Victor narrated that he escaped with his life from that ordeal.

“After that they let me to go with a stern warning never to repeat it again. They advised me to write a letter of appointment. They let me go and told me nisiangalie nyuma. I was shivering and sweating since I thought they were just saying that and the minute I TURNED my back to leave they would shoot me. Luckily they did not.”

Ever since the saga three years ago, Victor says he has never been the same. He is now a famed Luo MC, actor and comedian.

“The memories from that day still give me nightmares thinking about how I survived death. Now I have program on Lolwe TV every Wednesday 7:30pm.”

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