Three months ago, popular TV actress Wanjiku Mburu who is known by her street moniker Mama Baha, was hospitalised.

Without outlining what she was ailing from, the TV star announced to her fans,

“Current situation…” sharing a photo of herself in a hospital bed getting medicine via a drip.

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Now, since the September hospitalization Mama Baha has made another announcement about her health.

Mama Baha posted a photo of herself in a robe and a set of pyjamas as she sat on the steps outside her house.

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She looked gloomy with a mask over her face.

The actress announced,

“So my results are in and I have tested positive for COVID-19. I am good today and in self-isolation. If you have any symptom, please go get tested and continue to wear your mask, wash your hands and keep social distance.”

She also went live on her Facebook page and thanked fans for praying for her.

I want to thank God for his mercies that has been true every day. Those who have called to check on me.”


“I tested positive for Covid-19 and the last few days have been trick but today I did some chores. I want to thank you guys and your prayers and may you be blessed and may you be Kept under His wings. I would like to tell you that one I was sick.”

Mama Baha continued,

“Why I went for the tests is that other than the headache I felt some tightening in my chest but my temperature was always 36. I never lost the sense of smell. My mental state was also very good.”

Quick recovery Wanjiku.

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