Nameless and his parents

Singer David Mathenge aka Nameless is one of the most learned musicians around. The father of two started his singing career back in the day when he was still studying Architecture at the University of Nairobi.

Nameless was among the talents behind the architecture of The Hub shopping Mall in Karen.

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Just like any other parents, Nameless’ didn’t support his career at first and he revealed that they thought he would fail his exams at the university.

But shock on them on his graduation, he had passed with flying colours.

‘FBF to my graduation day…My parents were Sooo tensed that I may fail my final year exams because of my music career taking off while still in campo, ndio maana mum ana smile from ear to ear in relief😅😅!! Hawakuwa wanajua Mimi ni mnoma kwa design😎🤨… Otherwise musijudge look yangu , I had to look innocent infront of my paroz bana 🤷🏾‍♂️… Na hiyo ni durag under the graduation hat 🧐😂… After this nilivua specs Nika vaa shades nikaenda Carnivore kufunga show,’ he posted accompanied by the photo below. 

Nameless and his parents

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Nameless met his wife Wahu Kagwi, a fellow artiste while still in campus. They studied at the same university.

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wahukagwi After all the transnighting I did with you half this degree is mine

karwaay Are we going to talk about that tie ama nikanyagie?😂😂

bienaimesol Always a G

miss.muya You kinda look like Bien of Sauti sol

derekmwai Icon, thank you for motivation back in Highie🤓 ride kwa Surf ilikuwa something💪

davidmuriithi This is how I remember you aki.

kaydeelethal @namelesskenya waaaaaay before u are aromat

matrieyann Mungu nifundishe kunyamaza😂😂😂

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