Over the weekend, some teenagers were reported to have been found partying in Mountain View, Nairobi and in possession of alcohol and condoms. The children are said to be in high school.

Well, Kamene and Jalang’o shared their two cents on the issue.

“You take your children to clubs that have trampolines and swimming pools. There you will meet kina Jalas drinking in the bar all in the name of there is a swimming pool. Go to a nice restaurant not to a club please.” Jalang’o said

Kamene went on to say that some of these kids are learning from their parents

“Also parents need to be parents. You have sijui a boyfriend number 3, uncle sijui who has come home and you are drinking and smoking shisha in front of them. You can not expose our children to this kind of lifestyle. Do not do half parenting because the price is too high. If you can’t parent, then take them to ushago.”

“My parents did not hide alcohol from me. They were not locked in a cabinet or anything but they made sure we know that it is not for us at all! And we obeyed because we knew the consequences were serious.”

Kamene and Jalas

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Jalang’o who is a father was clear that parties are never held in the presence of his children.

“For me, if I have a party at home I make sure my children have gone they are nowhere around that environment. Just take your parenting duty seriously please.”

The two said this on The Morning Kiss on Kiss FM.