Shocked meme lol
Shocked meme lol. photo credit:file

A city woman laments about how her roommate has the habit of taking her panties without permission. This happens when all her panties are dirty and she has nothing else to wear.

Her biggest worry is that she returns the panties after wearing them for some time and she was asking whether she should also ‘borrow’ her roommate’s panties as payback.

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The reactions to the post by are very interesting. Here are some of them…

evablazin: My dear anyhow just say it… underwear sharing is a no no

ogdviv: It a Common sense for her to know it so wrong… But since she is not using that part of her sense please jejeli tell her it wrong.

misswang: You better open your mouth and tell her. Infection is real o

Shocked meme lol
Shocked meme lol. photo credit:file

fauzychic: Hmmmn are u sure you’re just friends? All the way to underwear..? Ok ooo.. tell her u don’t like it!

mz_prems: She will definitely share u husband one day with you, babe stop the friendship with her now or else u will regret it am talking out of experience

pinkydebosslady: When it comes to inner wears na no go area ,those she wears don’t use it again because of new one And a bag padlock it .so that she can’t get to your underwear wears again.

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ruthnkeki: Poster, I guess she doesn’t know the side effect of sharing underwear that is why she does so, so since you said she is a good person in order not to spoil the friendship between the both of you, when you both are in a good mood, just tell her silently and she will not be angry, because I feel she is acting on ignorance by wearing ur underwear,so when you educate her on such, she will not see it as a bad talk. my opinion.

cindynwokebirinwa: Just tell her you don’t like it. If she is truly like a sis, then i don’t see the reason why you can’t tell her you don’t want her wearing your inner wears. Biko who shares panties and bra with someone else? Candida is smiling at you.

eberechi.ugbaja: Who does that shit? even blood is not encouraged to share inner wears.

amisdarl: Tell her straight up. Unless you share hers too and so ur conscience is pricking you else tell her verbally.

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