Sometimes, Presidents can be the most flashy people you will ever come across. They are the utmost authority in their respective countries. Though they are not immortal, they have immense amount of power at their dispense that they can possibly have anything they wish for, no matter how expensive.

Take for example, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the President of the Republic of Uganda. He has been in power since when? January 29, 1986? I guess so. Now, the powerful man from the Banyankole ethnicity is known for his no-nonsense stature. He is the ‘strongman’ of East Africa. His nature of rule is feared by many Ugandans.

Really? Can President Museveni Do This at His Age? (Photos)

Though with the desire of all the good things, 71-year-old Museveni lives a simple life. Technology might have pushed people to great heights, but some of us still cling onto the simplest things the past had for us. You have to see what type of mobile phone President Museveni still uses in the 21st Century. The Century of great technological advancements and inventions.