Size 8 & DJ Mo

How did you meet your partner? For how long did you date? Was it easy or difficult? These are just some of the questions people ask.

Well, popular gospel singer’s Size 8’s marriage has always left many green with envy and dying to know how she met her husband Samuel Muraya popularly known as DJ Mo.

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In an interview with Plive, DJ Mo  revealed that he put her through five tests to become his wife

“Nilimpitishia test mingi sana na akapita zote.”

Here is breakdown of how it happened

Step 1

The decks master confessed how he moved to Githurai 44, one of the most ‘feared’ city areas and he invited her over. During this time, the Afadhali Yesu had already started working with Safaricom and was living in South B where she paid Sh 35,000 per month.

“When I knew I wanted to settle down I moved to a house in Githurai 44, somewhere ‘funny’ near Zimmerman,” said DJ Mo.


“She used to have a Toyota Celia, had a driver and when she came she would wear a hood, ruka mitaro then come.”

Step 2 

DJ Mo, wasn’t that perfect at home like in the streets, he was just like any other ordinary man who doesn’t-carry out house chores daily.

“The DJ Mo in the house was different from DJ Mo on TV.”

Whenever Size 8 used to visit DJ Mo, she would leave the place sparkling clean than she found it.

“She cleaned my house and in the evening she said don’t worry.”

Step 3

Unlike nowadays where women go for men with money and only those who drive, Size 8 was different. She accepted her lover the way he was.

According to DJ Mo, he delayed buying a car just to see if she could stick with him or not. He also kept borrowing or rather asking for money from her.

Ladies, would you give your partner money if he borrowed you even if he was working?

Step 4

By the time they were dating, Size 8 was a famous singer and one could expect to see her at expensive joints but DJ Mo decided to take her to a kibanda (roadside kiosk) for lunch.

“Nikampima tusosi (tukule) kwa kibanda and she said no problem, cool.”

Step 5

DJ MO was impressed by everything about Size 8 and he decided she was the one. The multi-talented DJ had dated other women who he claimed that they were just after fame and money

“She understood me, most girls weren’t real and WORSHIPEd me, they didn’t understand the real me.”

And just like that, DJ Mo found himself the best woman.

“She must be real. Because she wasn’t about the fame.”

The power couple are living large and their child has already started following in their footsteps and she is the face of diaper brand.

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The story has ignited mixed reactions among social media users and here are some of the comments;

Alice: Mimi nitumie nigga pesa ati ndio inipitishe mtihani mimi? Hapo ata nikipewa leakage niwachwe tu nianguke roho safi.

Zippy: Ati kuruka mitaro? Na sisi wenye tumezoea kuogelea kwa hizo mitaro kila siku?!!

Sarah: Kwani there is auditioning for marriage?? And then had I uhamie ghetto to prove a point? This guy is an idiot. Aseme the way the chic was financially stable alafu tena anamtest ajue kaa ni doh anataka?…sema ujinga. Madem wanafaa wajipende, chali anakupitishia ma tests za ujinga hivi anafaa ketreatiwa the way Jesus treated the devil…women, love yourselves!!

Simon: Kuna siku nilikopesha Nigga pesa ati ni mapenzire ata akihama sikujua. Wacha hizo mitihani ikae, nitaongea na Babu Owino anipee take away exams.

Kelvin: Hakunaa..Size 8 alifalia DJ Mo just like hawa mangeus wetu vile hutufallia kwanza akijua wewe ni dealer wa ofacandos