Parents can push their kids to the edge sometimes.

Yes, the good book says the children should respect and obey their parents, always. And that is the first commandment with a promise.

LEAKED! Whatsapp Messages Of A Nairobi Man Begging A Woman For Love

However, one city girl has come out to ask for advice from online peeps on what to tell her mother who is forcing her to marry a 43-year-old man.

The woman is just 27-years-old.

She narrates how nasty he is and has no romantic bone in his body. But her mum insists he is the best candidate for her heart.

Her mum keeps telling her to divorce that “spiritual husband” who is preventing her from loving the 40-year-old bachelor.

Here is her story.

“I broke up with my ex 3 years ago so I can focus on myself (the relationship drained my soul), I’m 27 now and my parents won’t lemme hear word about marriage my mum doesn’t say one thing without “I pray you marry soon oo” now in my mums quest to get me a husband by fire by thunder one of the reasons is my younger sis is married with kids. she (mum) introduced me to this Family friends son inlaw but the thing is I don’t love him at all he’s 43 years never been married in Africa said he was in a contract marriage with a white woman and he’s divorced after getting his papers. From what I’ve heard he’s financially stable, He calls me everyday video call, WhatsApp normal call etc he calls morning afternoon night will be talking shit (making me fake laugh and telling him he’s funny) and will always asking me annoying question like “Are you dying for me” can you imagine?

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I tried to tell my mum I’m not ready to settle down with this old guy with his old school way of showing love she said I’m being manipulated from the village and spirit husband is disturbing me. I’m torn between following my heart and pleasing my parents my dad has HBP and mum said my inability to bring a man home is part of the problem and that he’s always worried. Pls I need advice, I’m not in any relationship cause I want to truly love somebody and be loved in return. I don’t want to marry someone I will cheat on cause last last that’s what will happen if they make me marry him.”

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