Shaffie Weru
Shaffie Weru

Raverend Shaffie Weru has revealed that he isn’t going to get married.

In an interview with, the 40-year-old father of two said,’

My mum and aunties gave up on me. I think that was never for me and will never happen I really tried na imekataa.

The self-proclaimed secretary-general of Team Mafisi added that,

I know people really wanna see me do the walk down the aisle and everything but if I’ve never gone on a date for the last four to five years, you guys are still waiting for me to get married? really?.

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He advised women, not to date playboys who are all over social media and named a list of celebs he said will tie the knot in 2021.

Khaligraph Jones, Nick Mutuma, Otile Brown, King Kaka and Octopizzo…it’s my prophesy. Watu waache kuniuliza maswali za ujinga …unless niolewe. If I get a woman who wants to marry me…’ he said.


If you’re the type of person, you come with a good vibe because I’ll never do it. Let the women come and do it.

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