husband smelling underwear

Do you have a fetish? Is it smelling your partner’s underarms, underwear, smelling their farts or licking their ears? Well, everyone has a fetish.

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A city woman has revealed that her lover likes her smelly farts but she’s afraid he might leave her for someone else.

‘I have been seeing a married man for 3 months now. He is good and he really likes me because of my smelly farts and I am cute. He told me to hook him up with a cute lady just like me who can fart a lot as well. He wants to be meeting both of us at once so that we can be farting for him in turns in his mouth and face. I eat a lot of junk so that my stomach can bloat just to please him. I’m afraid he might end up liking my friend if I introduce her to him,’ she wrote

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abiodun_precious Jesus! Take charge 🙄

maryshiks What a fetish? My sponsor icks licking my period blood

kingso22555 My dear u have expired that’s why he wants someone else

elishakis You fart in his mouth🤮 den carry d mouth home to kiss his kids n wife🤦‍♀️ God plz save us

ayamba I’m mesmerized

badmus.aisha Mad ppl everywhere.

hotsandy It’s just a fetish oh not ritual..

Atienoaice2029 This one you must eat beans, boied eggs mixed with avocado to win

angie_kai Eii Fart inside a human beings mouth!!Have aliens come to this earth and I did not hear about it?

kittyash.empire This one really off me farting competition in the building 😂

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