J Matubia

Actress Jackie Matubia got the interwebs talking after her explosive interview with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Jappani.

Jackie talked about how her marriage to pilot Kennedy Njogu ended and also opened up about how her mother left her when she got married.

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‘My mum ‘abandoned’ me for fear of rejection from her new husband’s family’ Jackie Matubia reveals

Jolene-MatubiaDespite the break up, Jackie spoke about how her husband slid into her DMs to get her attention before they started dating.

“He liked almost all my photos on Instagram,” Jackie said, “Then he slide into my DM. That is where we exchanged contacts. He told me yeye ni dereva wa matatu.”

The sad part about all this is that even after exchanging numbers, they did not talk for months also when they planned to meet on a date, he did not show up and his phone was switched off.

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Jackie Matubia

They later met up and dated for a good three years before the relationship died.

“The break up really affected our child, she would constantly cry. My baby daddy asked for forgiveness so many time,” Jackie said.

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