Teenager crying

A city woman has narrated how her ex husband slashed their young child after she questioned him about his infidelity and womanizing ways.

Speaking about her harrowing experience on ‘Hungura TV’ Carolyne Wacuka Njihia shared

‘He had slept out so when he came home, I went and checked his car.

I found out some panties, tissues among other things, so I asked him if that is how he has been keeping himself busy fending for us.

He started beating me took a slasher and akadunga our child who is only a few months old.

I took the slasher and took it to a police station and asked them for help.

They told me my husband was so influential so I better go and make up with him.

I took my baby to the hospital and still went to that house.’

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Carol’s parents had on so many occasions tried to tell her to come back home so she refused.

‘My parents refused to come help as my husband had never gone home to introduce himself.

So I decided to move out, I was so depressed. Up to date my first born son is still traumatized by what his step dad (my ex husband) did to him.

My ex once told me that if my kid was a girl he would have long sexually abused her.

He even bragged how he used to sleep with his third wife and the daughter who was then a form 1 student.’

Carol has since moved on but is still traumatized.

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