Woman crying

A married woman has shocked many after revealing her husband’s weird fetish.

According to the mother of two, her husband likes it when his sidechicks pooh in his mouth.

‘I feel so disgusted and betrayed at this point. I stumbled upon a chat between my husband and his sidechick, telling her he loves when women poop in his mouth. The whole chat was disgusting and what annoyed me most is when my husband arrives home, he kisses my lips as well as those of our two kids. I noticed sometimes he smells poop and I thought it was coz he’s a mechanic. I really want to divorce him but at times I feel I didn’t do enough to make my marriage work. Should I use the chat to my advantage and poop in his mouth? I don’t want to lose him,’ she wrote.

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Check out reactions from online users;

thriftandbliss Your husband needs deliverance

allthingsonye You’re not serious. Your husband has become a public toilet and you think it’s because you stopped giving him attention????

csfabrics Wait till you and your kids get sick from who knows what..

victorwasaboy it’s called a fetish…we all have a fetish during intercourse….not everyone tho but most people

barbielifted Sister what you should be trying to do is to find out if your husband is normal

mjite Dear Lord, we are sorry on their behalf. This generation has failed you Lord.

_modupe Where do y’all meet these men? 🤮

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iamthomas_drake Wow.. end time husband 😩

petezslims 🤮 🤮 🤮 I was trying not to vomit while reading this, this is disgusting

toeseen Some humans are not human 😂😂 what is this again God

jummyo Mehn. Your husband needs help. He’s so not okay. How can he eat poo