Imagine finding out that your husband has impregnated a mentally retarded woman? That is the situation one woman found herself in.

Not only did he impregnate the woman, he did not even deny it when confronted.

Sharing her experience, Carol says

‘My husband impregnated a mentally retarded street woman.

She would camp outside our gate everyday saying she wants ‘yule mwanaume hutoka huku na gari ya blue.’

I was the laughing stock among the neighbours.

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When I asked my now ex husband he asked me ‘kwani nini unayo kenye yeye hana.’

Meaning,what did I have that this retarded woman did not have. He did not even deny it.

I told him to fear God before anything else.’

On whether she has ever met her ex after their separation, she says

‘After I left him my youngest son was very ill so I called him for assistance.

He bluntly told me he is not a doctor.

He even bragged that he has sired so many kids and that my kid being sick did not affect him in any way.

We survive by God’s grace.’

What’s the worst thing that a man has ever done to you?

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