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A married city woman is fed up with her husband, who keeps infecting her with STIs. She claims her husband has a roving eye and every time he infects her with deadly STIs.

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She says she doesn’t want to leave him but wants him to use protection at least.

My husband cheats a lot. Last year I treated STIs seriously. Severe itching AND RASHES in my vag**a. This year in January it was gonorrhea. I can’t stop him from cheating. I have tried and prayed but I want him to use a condom.

He always forces me to have unprotected sex with him and weeks later I end up in hospital treating STIs. How can I get my husband to use a condom on me?,’ she wrote to a relationship expert.

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callmeamey Hmmm marriage is not by force.

Tolut since you can manage the rashes and sores 🙄 hopefully you’ll manage HIV too.

beautiful_lady Why don’t you wear female condoms 😩😩 since you don’t want to leave.

sunbelcakes It’s your choice to leave or continue with the STD’s. Which is better?

zenabless Madam just keep praying.

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udoterry Men are not worth the wait.

eyi_owuawi How dumb? Continue please and please don’t divorce him at least you will take HIV/AIDS medication and that’s if both of you can afford it.

estadastar Use female condoms. Simple!

sharohnn_ I hope it’s not when you have HIV that you’ll leave him😏…talk to him about it, let him know that you know what he is doing and threaten him.

omotipe Men are whores.

bewaji God, never let me stoop so low as to accept such infidelity and disrespect from a man. Amen.

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