Maina Kageni

A Kenyan man left Maina Kageni in shock after telling him that a friend of his committed suicide after unknowingly banging his mother-in-law.

*Tonny was a generous man between the sheets thus he decided to be smashing his house help.

‘He promised the house help that he would double her salary.

Tempted by the offer, the house help and Tonny made a deal.

She would be sleeping naked and the lights would be turned off.’

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Once Tonny was done he would leave the bedroom before taking a shot of whiskey and joining his wife in their matrimonial bed.’

Unknown to Tonny, the help had gotten tired of the sex escapades and reported him to his wife.

‘The wife sneaked into the house helps bedroom and changed roles thrice and Tonny did not find out.’

It’s then that she decided to include her mother (Tommy’s MIL) in the game.

‘Tonny came back as usual and entered her mother-in-law’s room.

He wondered why the person he found in Bed was wearing jeans because normally the agrement was she would be naked undr the sheets. That did not stop him.

He went on with his deeds and went to sleep.’

In the morning he woke up to shower and it’s then that his wife told him,

‘Tonny please don’t go to work before saying Hi to my mum.’

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Tonny who was shocked asked where the MIL was to which the wife responded.

‘Ooh she came yesterday but was so tired so I let her sleep in the househelps room.’

Shocked, embarrassed and humiliated by his behavior Tonny committed suicide using a towel.

He never came out of the bathroom alive.’

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