Bridget Achieng, one of the fast-rising socialites on social media has revealed that she once “tarmacked” in Dubai.Yes, a jobless Bridget. I must admit it’s one of the roads many successful people have passed through -and by that that I mean “tarmacking” every road ever.

“Mother Hen” as she is popularly known as in the popular reality TV show Nairobi D said that in 2014 she struggled with Dubai’s sun as she ran from place to place looking for a job.

‘Tarmacking is not easy, i tarmacked in Dubai in 2014 when i was looking for a job. My friend nakwambia nilichomwa na jua pale summer.Nilichomwa na jua. Tafadhali naomba mniache nisherehehe hela zangu.”

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Achieng then goes ahead to say that she finally got the job, got tired and came back home.

The reality star is currently organizing jobs for jobless Kenyans.