Kenyan make up artist Dennis Karuri has in an interview revealed how he lost his mother in an accident only for his bae to dump him.

Speaking about in on his You Tube channel Karuri said,

‘In second year I got into a relationship and it was serious so we decided to start living together.

One night we were cooking when my sister called me and asked me to go home.

I couldn’t understand why she wanted to see me so soon. her voice was very shaky.

It was on a Monday and that weekend my mum had called me and asked me to go visit her but I did not get to.’

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He added,

‘On my way home is when I learnt that my mum had died, I was like ‘maybe you are joking.’

I was in a matatu and when I heard the news I couldn’t move so I asked my sister to come pick me up at by-pass.

It was really bad.

My dad told us that my mum knocked down by a lorry, she died on the 20/10/2014.’

Dennis Karuri

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Losing a mother is not easy but what ate up Karuri is the fact that he had turned down his mother’s request to go home and just chill.

‘My mother  was my best friend and not being able to see her really ate me up.

Bae thought I was being distant and when I went to school to do my exam I found my house empty, Bae had left.

I was alone and still mourning my mum. She broke everything in the house even the utensils my mum gave me.’

That was not the first dramatic relationship Karuri had been in.

‘When I was in my first year at JKUAt I got into my first relationship.

After some time I was not feeling the relationship so I decide to breakup with her. She got very mad and hacked my account and posted some ‘crazy’ stuff.

I tried logging into my Facebook but I couldn’t, I was very terrified, I then got a call from my ex she told me to go see her.

I went with my brother and got my new password.To date I never asked what happened or how he got back my password.’

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