Queen Darleen, sister to Diamond Platnumz has said that the reason she and her ex husband do not communicate is because he is a dead beat dad.

According to Darleen she stopped all communications due to his constant lies and false promises to their now 15 year old son.

‘He used to lie to my son that he would provide something for him but he would not.

He would promise things I could not do so I had to rectify his mistakes. It would hurt me so I decided to cut all links with him.’

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Darleen added

‘So now even if we meet I cannot great him,If I do so I would only be pretending.

I told him when he is ready to man up he knows where to find us.

He and my son still meet bt even when they do staki kujua. But my son still tells me of everything they did and talked about.

My son knows where he lives.’

Queen Darleen is currently expectant with her second child with her new husband Isihack.

‘I am really hoping for a baby girl as I already have a boy. But he (Isihak) is hoping for a baby boy.

But whatever God decides to grant us we will be grateful.’ She said not hinting the gender of her unborn child

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