Four years after saying ‘I Do’ to her ex husband Kiss 100 radio host Kamene Goro says that memories from that marriage still haunt her.

This is mainly because of how badly she was treated and the fact that she was still young(23).

Speaking during an interview on Jessy Junction, the bubbly radio presenter said

“I quit my job, so I gave my former employer two-days notice, after which I travelled to Tanzania to live with my husband.

He called me and decided to end the marriage. I hung up the phone and that was the final time we spoke,” she said  adding that the decision still haunts her.

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Kamene said at the time, she was to blame for the failed marriage but now she knows she was not.

 “Looking back, I thought he was my everything.

For a whole week, I was a total wreck because of the separation as I blamed myself for the failure of the marriage.”

Kamene has in the past talked about how badly she was treated by her then mother-in-law.

So bad was it that she would dictate what Kamene should cook for her husband.

As if that was not enough she colluded with the watchman and the hous help to monitor Kamene’s movements.

Kamene’s ex husband was also a womanizer, at some point in the marriage he would hide his mistresses names under male aliases.

She has since moved on with her life but she urged women in similar situations to get back in the dating game to cease from self-accusation.

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