A parent has narrated how he rescued his daughter among the debris of the collapsed classrooms at Precious Talent School, Dagoretti South.

Speaking about the accident to the media, Steven Odhiambo a parent at the school said,

My daughter and son study here. My son is OKay but my daughter got injured.

I was here at 7:00 O’clock helping in the rescue mission and among those rescued was my daughter who is in class three.

‘Some have separated limbs,’ Parents describe scene of collapsed classroom

Dagoretti classrooms collapse

20 minutes after I went home with her she started complaining of a headache. from the outside she looked OKay and had no visible injuries.

Odhiambo who was now concerned took his daughter to seek medical help not knowing what awaited them.

I took her to a nearby dispensary but they referred me to Kenyatta National Hospital. My daughter was accompanied by my wife and she is receiving treatment.

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She looked fine before I took her home. When she complained of the headaches she told me that she was hit on the head by a desk. My son is currently at home.

Odhiambo added that lack of public schools had pushed them to take their children to the affected school despite its deplorable condition.

To say the truth the school was not as good but because there are no public school we had no option but to bring our children here.

A neighbour informed him of the ill fated accident.

I was in the house when the classrooms collapsed. a neighbor knocked our door and we ran out rushing.

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