Weeks after the death BBC reporter Ciru Muriuki’s dad due to COVID-19, she has revealed that she also contracted the virus.

This she revealed in a Twitter thread on her social media platform.

‘This weekend while at a petrol station, I struck up a conversation with the attendant, who proceeded to tell me that COVID-19 is fake, a ploy to get donor funds.

That broke me, because my father died of COVID-19.

I also contracted the virus, and had to mourn my dad in almost complete solitude. I cannot think of anything worse.’

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Ciru Muriuki and her dad

Ciru added that it’s been hard trying to imagine her dad’s last moments, urging people not to take the virus lightly.

‘And then there’s the constant, all-consuming thoughts of how my dad spent his final days. Alone. Unable to be with those who loved him the most.

So as we talk about how the virus has a low death rate, or how it isn’t that serious, or how Africa has been “spared”, remember that people have lost loved ones to this.

It has taken the person I loved the most. We are in agony.’

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