Kenyan socialite Shakilla has said that despite her ratchet ways she comes from a very religious family, her dad is a Muslim while her mum is a Christian.

Shakilla,19 recently left many in shock after alleging that she has gone to bed with footballer Victor Wanyama who in return paid her 700K.

Speaking during an interview with Mpasho Shakilla says her dad has not been very happy about her infamy on the interwebs.

‘…not taking back my words!’ Shakilla speaks after Victor Wanyama threatened to sue her

So angry was he that when they met he brandished a machete on her.

‘I only have my mum at the moment. My mum and dad are not living together.

Him being a Muslim he was always comparing me to his friends kids because he never wanted me to wear trousers.

There is a day I reached out to him and he came brandishing a machete towards me and my siblings were left very traumatized.

He said that I am not his child anymore.’

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‘We do not have a relationship.’

Asked on if she feels scared now that her video has gone viral, she said.

‘I am not scared at all, I have been kidnapped before.’

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