Tanasha Donna and Diamond
Diamond and Tanasha in each other arms. photo credit: Instagram/Diamond Platnumz

Tanasha Donna’s every move and action is analysed and scrutinised now that she is dating arguably East Africa’s most marketable star.

Last week, it was her blue dress that got tongues wagging, with some unhappy that she was exposing her sagging /nyondos’ to the public.

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna responds to critics

Whoever thought that that was the end is sadly mistaken as haters will always have something to say. What could it be this week? Some critics believe that the NRG radio presenter is manipulating her pictures to give herself a more appealing aesthetic.

Tanasha Donna
The glowing beauty

One follower on her Instagram page asked the 23-year-old hottie, who was pictured draped in a black and grey lace dress, where her body had suddenly come from? She wrote:

Where did this shape come from Tanasha? We know you.

Tanasha doesn’t mind engaging commentators who take her on and responded in kind, writing sarcastically:

They are called well-fitting clothes my friend. I do not edit.

Tanasha Donna
The screenshot

It seems there are some people who are dead set on cutting her down but Tanasha has a thicker skin than they expected.

In December, Tanasha had to tell off her haters and remind them that Diamond loved her as she is, saying,

Y’all can kiss my small ass. He still loves me tho, you haters, he’s still gonna wife me.

Tanasha Donna and Diamond
The lovers together

There is a popular phrase that goes like: “I am a lover, not a fighter.” I think we should modify this phrase just for Tanasha. It should go like this: “I am a lover and a fighter”.

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