It’s been months since Diamond Platnumz’ sister Queen Darleen publicly announced her marriage and pregnancy to her hubby Isihack.

Darleen, who is married as a second wife, has said she has never personally met her co-wife only seen her on social media.

Speaking during an interview with Wasafi TV she said

‘I have never met her, I only see her on social media. She has blocked me so that I don’t see her.

She had followed me but when I followed her back she blocked me.

I don’t keep tabs on her life,I only see some things on social media.’

Asked on why she got married as a second wife, Darleen said

‘From the word go  knew he had a wife, even when he proposed that is why I never refused.

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It was not hard for me to be married to him.

He is now legally married to me and that is why I never feel ashamed to post him,that is why I even have a time table on when to post him on social media.’

Asked if it’s true she is stealing Isihack from his first wife she responded

‘I am very social and I must post my husband but for his first wife it’s not something they were used to.

Even if you look at her social media platform there are no many photos of them both.

So making it a habit must be hard as it’s not something they were used to.’


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