Comedienne Jemutai is a proud mother of two.

In a past interview with Churchill on his TV show, she said, she is done bearing more kids, her youngest just turned a year old today.

‘It’s a wrap. I have two kids just like my mum.

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She had my brother and I.’

Showing off her daughter, Jemutai teased,

“Everyone: Chebaibai anafanana na wewe isipokuwa Colour..
People Pia Mimi ni mweupe ni vile I am shy 🤣🤣🤣🤣 nkt.”

Appreciating her daughter as she turns a year older Jemutai added,

‘A daughter is Mum’s best friend. It’s been an amazing one year love. Happy birthday Chebaibai.’

She continued,

‘My Chebaibai is turning one on Sunday,Hakuna birthday because uchumi koyaa kapsaa but we are accepting gifts 🤣’

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Check out cute photos of baby Chebaibai.


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