Woman crying

A city lady says she is unhappy with her boyfriend, who is addicted to oral sex.

Yaani, he is a lick freak.

According to the lady, her boyfriend is a freak and instead of making love, he prefers to lick her whole night.

She isn’t comfortable with that and she’s afraid of losing him.

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‘My boyfriends loves oral sex. I like it but this is getting out of hand. Each time I go to see him, he gives me head all through the night. At times I beg him to stop but he doesn’t stop. I love him so much but I can’t deal with oral sex anymore. I don’t want to lose my relationship. I can’t deal with this,’ she shared.


Below are some of the comments from online users

lizzy_noah One man food is another man poison

ijai_dauda You think he will continue doing it that way when he finally marries u😢😢😂😢? Pls, ask the married women her.

akinyipenninah what do some women really want

bioluwatinshola Is he even ready to marry you in d first place. if you like let him suck away ur womb…

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blaclizzy See what people are looking for 😂😂. You’re here complaining.

mankaakellybright Oral sex is sweet Am already in love with this your boyfriend sends me his contact, please.

cleoly_law Too much of something is not good

sandragolden some people are out there now looking for someone like your boyfriend🤐

bravyqueen Pass him to me

perisuti This is not a problem.. what do we women even want🙄

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