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Being in a good relationship is the best feeling ever. Some get into relationships for money, others fall in love because they’re di*kmatised while others do it for different reasons. Unfortunately for one sad city woman, she has nothing to smile about.

The woman has revealed that she isn’t happy in her relationship because her man lasts longer in bed.

‘My boyfriend and I moved in together recently but I’m not happy. I am not used to having se3 quite often but he demands it more than I’m willing to. He lasts 30-45 minutes. He always wants to satisfy me but I always tell him to satisfy himself first but he never agrees. He would do missionary for 10 mins, doggy for 15 minutes and back to missionary for about 10 or more minutes. Yesterday night was one of the most traumatic nights ever, he invented a new se3 style in addition to the previous ones. Now it is almost an hour of se3ual experience from the fore play, Believe me, I almost died and I also dreamt and saw him pursuing me with an erected di*k. I love him so much but how can he reduce the time. I’m really traumatised what would happen when we get married,’ she posted.

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Reactions from online users include;

akinyianita_ 45 mins kwani ni training ya Olympics? 15 minutes is enough…at most 20.

yvonne111_ I thought I was the only one that hates long se3

leaddyskincare If you can’t cope, please leave.Marriage is a long time Sis

paragonizy It is the dream part for me 😂😂😂😂. This life ehh, another man’s food is also another man’s poison.

eunicewaithera90 Where do broke men get the strength to sweat on top of a woman for more than 30 minutes?

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ossy_aurafragrance I don’t envy u at all😂😂😂😂

thobbie101 Hope you are getting some satisfaction out of this torture?

afri_chase He must be the jobless type of guy I guess 🤦‍♂️

alibasil121 You better start getting used to it because that is what will continue to happen when you get married.

kiki_winehouse Talk to your partner dear, sit him down and discuss this. He obviously wants you to enjoy se3, but then since you ain’t cool with it, then tall to him