Woman crying

We are a few years int new year and some people are already complaining. A city woman has attracted criticism after she exposed her boyfriend for being broke.

She says she’s tired of dating a broke man.

‘My boyfriend doesn’t have money and he is very nice. He is a husband material but broke. I feel bad because I don’t want to be in a relationship with him again. I feel I’m wasting my beauty with him. I want to break up with him. I feel like I’m trapped with a broke man. How can I break up with him and still be friends? ‘ she posted.

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Check out reactions from online users;

_jaunty Make ur own money and help him make his own money

coolicekandy Y’all talk as if a relationship is a form of financial transaction !!!

mercy_o300 Don’t leave him, God will bless him soon

itisugochukwu Don’t leave a man because of money, those kinda men usually make it big in the future

iam_kendra_kevin What are you doing to savage the situation? You have a good man, with good intentions, who obviously has a bright future. You think he’s gonna remain the same? Please leave him. You don’t deserve him.

sayrababii I wouldn’t trade a good man for anything, not even money. Think wisely

loyalheiress Leave him so his financial doors would be open … Some partners are blessing blockers and you my sister, is one of such partners… When someone has good intentions towards you and all you are thinking on the altar of God is how to elope with richer men. God grant all our heart desires…

nnenaya_soso Maybe he’s the one trapped with you and you’re holding his glory back … With this, your evil mind

cutie_barbiemo Broke man always seems like husband material

officialcontroll You’re definitely not a friend to have. Go ahead and sell your beauty, all the best for your boyfriend

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