Annitah Raey

Radio presenter Annitah Raey is a woman who speaks a truth. If you don’t like it, eff you, take the next bus to hades and don’t come back.

Seriously though, Annitah Raey is a straight shooter, even on matters that expose her vulnerability, she will still say what she actually means.

In an intimate note posted on her social media, Annitah tackles the society that condemns single mothers.

Annitah Raey

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This post was inspired by insensitive humans who spew out garbage about single mums.

“I actually thought I was done writing notes, but someone touched a button and I decided to talk about it, and words are the best way to express myself,” Annitah started out the post.

“I am a single mum of two, my biggest fear is that I might not find a man to love me plus my kids on board, am so scared that I will not find love, I will not find acceptance I will not be accepted by society. I see how society judges judges me, looks at me, thinks am a loose woman, that I could not keep a man. She can not even sustain a marriage, she can not settle down, I am a bad example to their kids.”

Annitah Raey continued, “I have been shamed in family occasions, I have been excluded from events where spouses are required, friends and family have looked at me as a threat to their men.

I have been told countless times, please stop talking to my husband, please stop hugging my boyfriend.

All fingers point at me with so much ease, they feel no guilt or remorse blaming me for being a single mum, they don’t feel the need to ask what happen they already know.”

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Annitah Raey

Adding, “The woman often is guilty coz she should build her home, keep her home and protect her family, right??

A woman should be the glue that keeps them together. That woman no matter what happens, she is expected to stay. Expected to be patient. Expected to show love, to be submissive, to be the best wife ever, a perfect mother.

This woman is expected to stay no matter what happens, even if it kills her then she will have died for a good cause.”

In conclusion Anittah said, “Marriage is a good cause, saving face in society is a good cause, living a fake life for publicity purposes is a good cause. Its a good cause to die for… But please forgive me for not willing to die for the cause. I am not willing to be a martyr.”

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