Actress Njambi

Carrying a child inside your stomach for nine months is not easy and giving birth successfully is by God’s grace.

Actress Njambi of Real Househelps of Kawangware gave birth to her second child on December 5, 2019 and she revealed It wasn’t easy.

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Through her YouTube channel, Njambi documented her delivery journey when she was in labor until when her bundle of joy arrived.

In the video, Njambi is happy and talkative before she goes into labor.


Actress Njambi

I came to hospital to be induced at around 1 pm but I wasn’t induced because I had opened up to four centimetres,’ she said.

What followed was the multitalented actress laying on a bed in the labor ward crying in pain.

Hii uchungu zii.. [This pain is too much to bear]’ she said while crying.

Actress Njambi
Actress Njambi on a hospital bed at Actress Njambi

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She went ahead to explain the situation in the labor ward.

the doctor broke my water and I even after I opened up to 10 centimetres, the baby wasn’t coming out yet the passage was clear. From 1 am to 2 am I cried, removed my clothes and pulled my hair. The things I saw at the labor ward…,’ she said.

Actress Njambi


I got to a point and begged doctors to let me have the baby through Cs because the pain was too much.

After 12 hours of labor, God blessed her with a bouncing baby boy.

‘I had pushed the baby and got tired and relaxed..without knowing I had blocked the kid from coming out. When he came out he didn’t cry. I started crying, asking myself what had happend to him.

For five minutes he wasn’t responding to anything and that was the most scariest part of my life. I started imagining I’ve pushed my 3.65 kg baby then..’ she said.

Actress Njambi

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