Kambua flaunts baby bump

Gospel singer-cum-TV presenter Kambua has revealed that she didn’t have a baby shower. The mother of one has revealed that her baby came earlier than she expected.

Kambua welcomed her first child Nathaniel Muhoro late last year, after seven years in marriage.

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Last weekend her family and friends threw a party to celebrate her bundle of joy. Revealing why her baby shower didn’t happen, she said,

This past weekend my family came together and put up a most precious celebration for my little bub, Nathaniel Muhoro. Last year a baby shower was planned and it backfired 🤭 because baby decided to come early! I’ll talk more about this someday. I’ve learned to unpack all my experiences slowly. He came early, but still right on time. I am eternally grateful for a healthy baby. God’s ways are perfect, and they are good.


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