Tatiana Karanja aka Mama Olive

Kenyan YouTuber Tatiana Karanja popularly known as Mama Olive is the latest celebrity to test positive for Covid-19.

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The mother of two shared an emotional video, a week ago, explaining that she was asymptomatic and that didn’t experience any symptoms.

I tested Positive for COVID19 🦠 I made this video while super emotional, but I just want to say that I’m doing really well and don’t have any symptoms.’ she wrote in part.


I was sick for 2 days and very minimal so I was certain it was just a little flu, thank God!!! It’s taken a toll on me mentally and having to be away from my kids pushed me over the edge today.

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Mama Olive advised her followers to stay safe because Coronavirus is real.

‘Most importantly I want to encourage you all to STAY SAFE and take COVID very seriously, the world seems like it’s going back to normal but Corona is very much still alive and now you know somebody who has it 😅 I’m going to be really open about my journey as I think it’s important to share this story and hopefully make a difference to a few peoples lives,’ she wrote.

Tatiana Karanja and her husband
Tatiana Karanja and her husband

A few days later her kids Olive and Marley also tested positive for Covid-19 and so did their baby sister [Tatiana’s sis].

…We got news that our girls re now positive. They were retested on Monday. (Incubation period is up to 2 weeks) although I’m thrilled to be with them again. these are really not ideal circumstances. Thank God right now they have no symptoms, same as us. We just have to keep monitoring for anything,’ she posted.

Mama Olive

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In another post, she wrote,

My amazing sister who took care of them while I left to isolate myself is also now positive. My girls must have given it ton her, though at the time we tested the test showed they were negative so as per the doctor’s request he kids stayed with aunty who was also negative. Now its a who,e mess. Covid sucks!

Mama Olive

Mama Olive’s tearjerking story has gone viral, and many are now starting to believe that the virus is serious.