Willy Paul

Willy Paul, Willy Pozze! That is exactly who this kid is that is giving sleepless nights to Kenyan singers.

Pozze is out with another hit dubbed Jigi Jigi, a love ballad that talks of what happens after marriage. It may not sound as gospel as you would like it to be but the kid has shown how much a certain woman in his life is giving him “jigiriri”.

But there is one more thing! Willy Paul is being called a ‘thief’ for copying some artiste. Forget how he used to copy his mentor Diamond Platnumz. It seems this time around,  he is at another level.

In December last year, Obinna and Leslie released a song dubbed Jigy Jigy, one that many think Pozze might just have copied the tittle and twisted it abit.

The Chereoraphy on Pozze’s song is just as nice as he always does it. But you might agree with many fans that Pozze has used or rather ‘stolen’ Ne-Yo’s concept to the song One In A Million.

From what I have seen many fans talk about, the chorus sounds like a slow version of Bracket’s hit song Yori Yori.



But all said and done, Pozze has done justice to all those concepts. Copied or not, he is one kid that has risen fast in the African music charts and might not be stopping anytime soon. Even if it means ‘borrowing’ concepts.

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Here is the most talked about song in the 254: