Zari Diamond Platnumz Hamisa
With some of his previous women

Diamond Platnumz’ sister Queen Darleen is among those who are not for the relationship between the singer and Hamisa Mobetto.

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The Tanzanian crooner, who sired a child with the socialite, has released yet another banging track Iyena, his wedding with his estranged wife Zari and the song is currently dominating the airwaves.

It’s a million times better than his other song Salome, where Hamisa was one of the video vixens.
Iyena has more 2 million just four days after it was released. It’s the number one tending song on YouTube.

Well, Diamond Platnum’z sister shared a sneak peek of the trendy song and captioned:

“Haya Wapangaji Mwenye Nyumba Asharudi😊😊 Kusanyeni Makorokoro Yenu Muondoke.”

Clearly, Queen Darleen’s words were directed at Hamisa Mobetto. This comes barely a week after the socialite attacked her baby daddy’s family telling him to
 warn his family. She says she has done everything to treat Diamond Platnumz right but his family hasn’t accepted her, even after being in a relationship with him.

“Well, marry the woman that your family, fans and your dear manager want you to marry. Everyday things are getting out of hand. I haven’t tied you up. Has your sister failed to advise you? She runs to talk on TV and social media. Doesn’t she have your number or the address of where you stay? After all these, I’ve kept silent, don’t you think the TV she runs to don’t ask for my interviews? I stay quiet so that when our son Daylan grows up, he doesn’t see all this drama. But your family is talking too much. You are a man with power to end all this talk. Tell them you need a wife and not a housegirl. Was I not cooking for you and your family? Today, they are saying Hamisa can’t cook or do house chores. Who washes your house after we’ve slept? Or they wanted me to wash their underwears and wash their bedrooms? They failed to respect me, then let them respect your blood.”

It seems not to be going well with Hamisa Mobetto and she has shared a powerful prayer asking God for guidance. She says her life is full of ups and down and she hopes He will be there for her. (Click on the link below to read her emotional prayer).

Barabara yangu ni mbovu lakini nina imani Mungu atanikumbuka,’ cries Hamisa Mobetto