A man committed suicide by jumping into a dam in Kinangop, Nyandarua county, after his girlfriend dumped him for a sponsor.

Apparently, the man gave up on his life after the chic he was sooooooo in love with dropped him like hot ngwaci for a more monied suitor, or if you like, a sbonza.

It seems the man was super-in-love with the pretty young thing -enough for him to decide that life without her is no life at all.

This story reminds me a of a young damsel who thought she had happened upon a sponsor. Only for the old muhindi sponsor to ask her to perform some nasty, unconventional shit for money. Read all about that saga in the link below.

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Back to the man who drowned due to love or lack thereof. Simon Kamau from Murungaru village is said to have resorted to this after his girlfriend described him as “too poor” and left him for another man.

Villager Adam Mwaura said the 30-year old casual labourer had dated the woman for more than a year.

“He could not bear the pain of losing the girl,” he said, adding Kamau intended to marry the woman.

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Engineer town OCPD Samson Munyao said the girl told them they had personal differences.

He said the body was retrieved from the dam with help from members of the public.

It was taken to Naivasha hospital mortuary and investigations launched.

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