Kriss Darlin

Kenyan superstar deejay DJ Kriss Darlin, whose real name is Christone Odhiambo, unsuccessfully vied to be the candidate for ODM for the Kibra seat, during the recently concluded nomination exercise.

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Kriss Darlin came fifth wth 417 votes while Bernard Okoth (Imran), late Ken Okoth’s bro came first with 4,382. Imran was followed by Peter Orero (1,218), John Milla Otieno (906), Ben then Musungu (524).

Well, apart from losing in the Kibra nominations, below are other things he lost in a period of one month.

1. Lost his job at NTV  

The DJ previously hosted a reggae show on NTV but his contract was terminated following his decision to vie for the upcoming Kibra by-election.

Kris has made his decision that he is getting into politics and as per the editorial policy, he left us with no choice but to terminate his contract as the host of the Jam Rock Reggae Show. This decision was mutual between both parties. We wish him well in his future endeavors. He will, however, host two more shows to bid the fans bye,” Justus Tharao, NTV’s Head of Production and Programming, confirmed.

2. Lost sleep in campaigning day and night

Just like any other ambitious politician, Kriss Darlin did his best by campaigning hard but unfortunately, luck wasn’t on his side.

Kriss Darling

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3. Lost his money campaigning

Some political parties require a candidate to pay a certain fee while applying for a nomination and in this case, we’re not clear if ODM candidates did.  From buying ‘tea’ to fueling his car and giving handouts (in case he did), the disc jockey must have spent a lot.

4.  Lost his credibility and trust from his fans after joining politics

Fans are weird. They might turn against you if you venture into something else. We’ve seen the likes of city pastor Pius Muiru lose followers after trying a hand in politics. It’s advisable not to ‘mix’ careers and locally, many believe politics is for ‘corrupt and greedy ‘ people.

6. Lost his dignity after kneeling down for Raila

Before the nominations, Kriss Darlin knelt before ODM party leader Raila Odinga begging for a nomination ticket.

Kriss Darlin

His actions ignited mixed reactions online and reactions included;

Bunei Paul Kipruto Respect is earned not given, Raila just earned the respect he deserved from the said DJ,it is the DJ who decided to kneel down.

Eva Karimi Kriss darling, this was a let down, how could you do this in Kibra??? Kneel before our former Prime minister Raila Odinga???? Sad.

David Kidiga Ndeda He stooped too low. I dont mean that the others dont do so, his only undoing was showing it in public.

Violah Lagat God is the only Father we kneel before Him. You are lost my brother seek wisdom and knowledge from God first and you will be blessed with everything you want.

Good luck next time Christone.

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