Terence with his wife Milly
Terence with his wife Milly

Content creator Terence Creative aka Kamami has publicly apologized to his wife.

Terence, who cheated on his wife Milly with a 19-year-old teenager Anita Soina has been doing all it takes to win back his wife’s love.

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He shared a photo compilation of their best moments together in a video form with a Taarab song playing in the background.

The song is basically directed to haters who thought their marriage had come to an end.

Enemies want us to separate but our love will live forever. Those who wished us to separate are now ashamed. They waited to laugh at us but that’s not going to happen. I fell in love with you and will forever love you,’

He went ahead to declare his love for Milly, saying they will be together till death.

To love and to cherish for better for worse. Nakupenda @millychebby.

Terence’s apology ignited mixed reactions and below is what people had to say,

king_chellowe @terencecreative wacha tu nisikudanganye… this time umeharibu😊Alafu tena unaingiza for better for worse!!!🤣For worse hukuwa, poverty ama sickness si cheating!! If you really loved her, you wouldn’t put yourself in a position to lose her… but that’s none of my business. Utakuwa sawa, maybe. I’m not sure 🤣😂

waticynthia Why do most guys cheat after thier wives deliver babies???? Swali tu…..is it the dry spell ama ???

mash.cynthia  Mtashine pamoja. Hata waseme nini… may the Lord keep fighting for you guys

sophinje Umechoma haki…unapeleka wife naivasha the same place ulipeleka sonia …ama ni mm niliskia zangu kwa BNN.

ni_mellysa Community husband😂

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sheri_ruria Polygamy has been legalized Baba, usiingishe baridi😁😁

jaybarkw Yaani mlilala usiku mkaona mtuamkie na reply ya taararab kutunyamanzisha?hatunyamanzi ng’o…tutanyamanza wenyewe tukichoka

valentineayesa May God blessing be with you guys in your marriage

annek Unachoma mzeiya.leta comedy achana na ma-telanovela

pitjangiru Unakubali aje ata wewe. Umechoma mbaya. Ungekanyagia