“Newlyweds” Kamau and Njoroge have also decided to shock the nation by getting married and being husband and wife… Ohh sorry, husband and husband??

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And Kenyans have not given any positive response to this post, many are pissed by this act and this is what they had to say:

Sara Marango: Na mbona bibi havai gown like the usual weddings /ceremonies we know? At least they understand clearly that men are just men, even if you act like a woman at least those gadgets won’t disappear n u will still dress like a man

Lucy Koome: Total madness

Linet Onchonga: Shame on you guy

Tobias Langat: You r cursed unless you repent and turn away from your folly

Linda Konje: Wharrathis?

Sicily Gatiti: Call me when they bring a child on planet earth. What a waste nkt

Princess Dii: Hii ni ujinga gani

Ben Kunono: Then who will marry this beautiful ladies when men are wrangling for ugly men?

Edwardo Dasilva Abuga: I can’t support this what hell!!! There’s a reason why God created man and a woman…

Wakariuki John: Kwa raha zao!!

Eve Tressy Masai Prince Kentona: it’s not hard imagine. Knowing God is very simple and enjoyable. Binadamu Ndio wamearibu. It’s possible to live as a child of God and be happy. Don’t allow anything to push you away. God has given you life and opportunity to live and see every new day, for you to repent and start your life afresh. You are very young to live that life.